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                                Service hotline: shenzhen:0755-25857507 Hunan:0731-55880108

                                About us

                                Contact us

                                Shenzhen yue peng environmental protection technology co., LTD

                                Telephone: 0755-25857566

                                Email address: sales@yphb.com.cn

                                Address: shenzhen baoan south road of hong hao yuan shang ge 20 c/D/E

                                Hunan hunan Taiwan environmental protection of the next scene high and new technology development co., LTD

                                Telephone: 0731-55880108

                                Email address: sales@yphb.com.cn

                                Address: xiangtan jiu hua economic and technological development zone dongfeng road no. 8

                                Jingyi Environmental Protection

                                Jingyi Environmental Protection

                                Hunan Jingyi Xiangtai Environmental Protection High-tech Development Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Vupon Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 839461). Established in November 2010, it is the first high-tech environmental protection enterprise introduced by Jiuhua Economic Development Zone, a National-level Industrial Park in Xiangtan. The company covers an area of 203 mu, with more than 200 employees and a total investment of 230 million yuan.

                                The company specializes in harmless disposal and comprehensive utilization of various industrial waste water, domestic sewage, industrial solid wastes and hazardous wastes and so forth. The company is the first batch of "Circular Economy Demonstration Enterprises" in Hunan Province and the “High-tech Demonstration Base for Venous Industry ” in Xiangtan City.

                                Jingyi Environmental Protection has been approved as “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Environmental Service Pilot Enterprise by the Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Protection”, “National Key Environmental Protection Practical Technology Demonstration Engineering Unit”, “Provincial Postdoctoral Research and Mobility Station Cooperative Research and Development Center”. Enjoying the provincial technology center platform recognized by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the third-party environmental testing center recognized by the Provincial Technical Supervision Bureau, Jingyi is the Vice Chairman Unit of Hunan Environmental Protection Industry Association, the Environmental Emergency Entrusting Unit of Xiangtan city and the Advanced Unit of Scientific and Technological Innovation.

                                Telephone: 0731-58889823

                                Fax: 0731-58889823

                                Contact: Wei Pengying


                                Address: hunan xiangtan jiu hua economic development zone, dongfeng road no. 8