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                                Express information | environmental news week (16)
                                Category: Industry news
                                Date: 2019-03-29
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                                Author: 佚名

                                1. Technical Specification for Groundwater Environmental Monitoring (Draft for Comments)

                                Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the Technical Specification for Groundwater Environmental Monitoring (draft for comments), which stipulates the requirements for the layout of groundwater environmental monitoring points, the construction and management of environmental monitoring wells, sample collection and management, monitoring items and analysis methods, monitoring data processing, quality assurance, quality control and data compilation. This standard is suitable for monitoring groundwater environment, including long-term monitoring of groundwater environment at regional level, drinking water sources and recharge areas, pollution sources and surrounding areas. Other forms of groundwater environmental monitoring can be carried out by reference.

                                2. National Development and Reform Commission's Guiding Opinions on Cultivating and Developing Modern Metropolitan Areas, Development and Reform Plan [2019] 328

                                Absrtact: Strengthening the co-protection and Co-governance of the ecological environment, focusing on promoting the Co-governance of the ecological environment of the metropolitan area and the prevention and control of the source, strengthening the co-construction of the ecological network and the joint prevention and control of the environment, realizing the simultaneous improvement of the ecological environment quality in the integrated development, building a beautiful Metropolitan area and building a green ecological network. Strictly protect the important ecological space across administrative regions, strengthen the maintenance and construction of ecological land in central cities, formulate and implement ecological environment management and control programs in metropolitan areas, and jointly implement ecological system protection and restoration projects. Strengthen the connection of regional ecological corridors and greenways, promote the construction of forest land, green land and wetland, dredging of rivers and lakes, and the restoration of the ecological environment of the metropolitan area, and promote joint prevention and control of the environment. Take the metropolitan area as a unit to formulate a timetable for meeting the urban air quality standards, strengthen the pollution control of industrial, mobile and living sources, and achieve the unification of environmental standards for registration and registration of motor vehicles and vehicle fuel standards. Accelerate the elimination of inferior class V water quality sections in metropolitan areas. To carry out the classification of domestic refuse in an all-round way and basically complete the task of disposal of domestic refuse dumps in stock. Encourage energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, and implement mandatory energy-saving standards for 100% of new urban buildings. The requirements of soil environmental management for construction land should be incorporated into urban planning and land supply management, and the mechanism of ecological environment co-governance should be established. We will accelerate the integration of the ecological environment monitoring network and establish a mechanism for comprehensive prevention and control of air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution in the metropolitan area and coordination of interests through consultation. Explore the mode of ecological protection development, establish the mechanism of realizing the value of ecological products and the mechanism of market-oriented ecological compensation.

                                3. Basin Ecology Evaluation Based on Soil and Water Conservation Effect

                                In order to implement the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council for resting rivers and lakes, strengthen the protection and management of river basin ecosystems and maintain the health of river basin ecosystems, the Ministry of Environmental Protection organized the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences to compile the Technical Guidelines for Assessment of River Basin Eco-health (hereinafter referred to as the Guidelines) on the basis of previous pilot work. The Guidelines are applicable to watershed ecological assessment at or above the county level with an area of less than 50,000 k_. The basic framework of watershed ecological health assessment is constructed from three aspects: ecological structure, service function and stress status. The national unified criteria include 6 categories and 17 evaluation indicators with clear definitions.

                                According to the results of ecological factor analysis in a river basin, the gully density, soil conservation function index, disturbance index of development and construction, degree of soil erosion controland prevention and supervision index were included in the evaluation to reflect the characteristics of water and soil conservation eco-environment in the river basin, which were summarized into 15 kinds of evaluation indicators. Among them, the same interpretation is adopted as the Guide, and different from the Guide, the relevant industry (or academic field) interpretation is adopted according to the purpose of evaluation.

                                4. Code for Municipal Appearance Sanitation Projects (Draft for Comments)

                                Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Construction has organized China Urban Construction Research Institute Limited and other units to draft 38 draft works specifications for housing and urban-rural construction, such as "Specifications for Urban Appearance and Sanitation Projects" (Draft for Opinions). While soliciting opinions from housing and urban-rural construction administrative departments and relevant units, it is now seeking opinions from the public.

                                5. Catalogue of Construction Projects Approved by the Ministry of Ecological Environment for Environmental Impact Assessment Documents (2019 edition)

                                On March 1, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued a bulletin amending the Catalogue of Construction Projects (2019 edition) of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment's Document for Approving Environmental Impact Assessment (hereinafter referred to as the Catalogue).

                                The nine categories of projects under the Catalogue include transport airports, non-trans-provincial railways, container terminals, rare earth mine development, super-large theme parks, as well as some flood control and waterlogging control projects, Irrigation District projects, research and experimental development projects and health projects. Combining with the institutional adjustment, four types of marine engineering projects, such as offshore oil and gas fields, large-scale reclamation and so on, are brought into the unified management of the List to promote the opening of management functions and the integration of management matters. At the same time, the specific expressions of individual projects such as coal, nuclear and radiation are modified, without involving the change of examination and approval authority.

                                The revised Catalogue retains energy projects such as newly built petrochemical projects, trans-provincial railway projects, some hydropower stations, and other projects that may cause significant environmental impacts. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment shall still examine and approve the EIA documents, coordinate the examination and approval services and strictly admit them. At the same time, the announcement requires that the provincial ecological environment department should adjust the examination and approval authority of environmental impact assessment documents for construction projects other than the announcement catalogue in time, according to the actual situation of the region and the capacity of grassroots ecological environment departments, and submit them to the provincial people's government for approval and implementation by announcement.

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